Born in 1979 in IJmuiden.
Graduated in photography at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague in 2003.
Won De Fotoprijs during her study and received De Groene Olijf 2003, just after her graduation, as the most talented graduate at an academy of arts. 
Works for magazine designers, publishing houses, design studios, ministries and companies.
Photographs on demand for public-, corporate- and sponsored magazines, image banks, websites, brochures, advertorials and annual reports, among other things.
Mainly does portraits with a 'reportage-feel' and (lifestyle) series on location.
Lives in Harlem, NL and works everywhere.

'People are the centre of attention in my photographs.
I like to show people 'as they are,' with honest emotions. Spontaneous, lively, dynamic and always with a sense of genuineness and authenticity. Even when a scene is staged. This, for me, has to do with knowing how you can challenge (a group of) people in a relatively short amount of time. Sensing where there is room for movement, with compassion and respect for the subject, that's exactly where my challenge lies. And on top of that; creating a reality that's slightly more beautiful than how it exists, and remaining within the framework of the assignment.
I like to create different points of attention within the image. An unexpected moment, an (extra) wink, or a suprising element, can make an image that much more exciting. Just like the tension between people and their environment.
Sometimes I receive a 'carte blanche,' but I also like to work with picture editors, art directors or designers. Understanding what my client is looking for and translating a text, an idea or a concept into an image, is a working method that I really enjoy.'